What I’ve been up to…

I’m well, but the first casualty of my busy life is social media. So Facebook, Insta, Twitter, yada yada… all fading away. But what have I been up to?

For one, editing and layout work. I think in the past five years I’ve had maybe one week where there was nothing on my plate. This also includes maintaining a client’s website and loads of correspondence with clients and potential clients. I’ve also been writing, finishing off a story collection began in 2014 and starting a novel. I’ve been slowly putting together Galleon as an online journal, hoping it’ll go live in the next month or so.

Two, music, primarily rehearsing and recording with Cindy. There are songs in the works, but for now I’ve been helping to record Cindy’s own material. Check this awesomeness out:

Three, running. Gotta keep in shape, building up to run a half marathon this summer.

And on that note… Off I go!

Till Light Video 4

Every now and then I’ll take some random video I have (in this case from a shuttle between Banff & Canmore) and see how it works as a visual backdrop to one of my songs.  Then I add the lyrics because it’s pretty boring without them. There’s actually a second layer of video here, flowers in a field moving in a slow wind. Anyway, “Russell” is one of my favourite songs.

Other videos from Till Light:


Upgathering of thought

Oh, poor neglected blog that no one never reads, what ails thee? Time, time is the sickness… and also the cure. And furthermore, croaked the ravin’ mad lunatic.

What’s new over here? A long story has been started, about an aircrash, another in my Dr. Shabazz collection (a new project). An agent is reading my sheep novel (we think). I’ve read four consecutive books written by women  – Double-Blind (Michelle Butler Hallett), Hellgoing (Lynn Coady), The Town that Drowned (Riel Nason), Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel) – and am now reading Keith Ridgway’s Never Love a Gambler. Ridgway’s Hawthorn and Child was one of my favourite books last year. Tense, periscopic, and a kind of weirdness that had me smiling ear to toe.

I’ve seen the publication of a book I edited for Boularderie Island Press (Get More Power from Your Brain, Eileen Pease) and added a copy of Becoming Fierce to my publications bookshelf.

I am editing my 13th and 14th books of the year. One of those recently-edited books just became this.

There were two launches of the latest Breach House Anthology,  a writing group I’ve been deeply connected to since 2000. This was our third anthology. I also provided music at each launch, including a song based on one of the members’ lyrics (click here for that ditty).

I’ve edited, set-up, and now sent off for publication the revived Galleon.

I want to record another album soon. My reading series needs a new home. I continue to shed pounds (23 since July).

Lastly, it’s been a year since I had an underpaying overworking job, one I apparently left to focus on my writing career (insert raven laughter).  And how has that gone, you ask? The twitching has gone, I respond.

Three Recent Songs

Yes, I like to think I’m a musician sometimes, though I’m not always convinced it’s true. Many other things feel more natural to me, but I’ve always had songs and melodies in my head and can hardly have a conversation with someone (I know well) without starting to sing a response.  Am I much of a singer? Shoulder shrug. Lyricist? Head nodding side to side. Guitarist? 30 years of strumming casually does pay off a little.

I stopped making music for a spell, started again seven or eight years ago and it does feel a part of me…

I completed a few songs while in Banff, and here are three:

Lunch Date


Dance with the Dead


Long Ago


It takes me forever to complete a song. Lyrics are the culprit – they always fall short. Having a Banff music hut for two weeks was a boon, certainly.


An interlude

Trying work. Song in head. Song born from a poem by Ed Lemond, which I’d read on his Circadiana blog. See below. Yes song in head so why fight it, set up the camera, the tripod, and give it a shot. I think this will be on my next album. I have no wife. I hear cello in the chorus.


The Time I Sang In a Car Car

This was an odd experience, and I’m clean shaven. There aren’t a lot of things I do clean shaven any longer. Singing in a car while clean shaven was, as mentioned above, odd. I could feel the GoPros on my face, seeping into my pores. And I was playing guitar, singing, picking, remembering lyrics, being jostled by the early-spring potholes and a suspension that was entirely in disbelief. It was fun, too.  I had no idea what to sing.

Jeff Boudreau has recorded many in his musical car. I believe the latest car has better suspension.


Interweb Interviews

Self promo or preservation? Yesterday I hunted down a few of the interviews I’ve done recently. Or maybe all of them. I always sound very serious in these, or like I’m thinking too much, but I know people agonize over responses and I just shoot them out, hoping there’s something close to the truth there.  It’s all just make believe anyway.

Allan Hudson’s a local writer who enjoys bringing a spotlight to talent in the area (something we share). This was part of his 4Q series.


Writer, musician, blogger and now newspaperdude, Chad Pelley has interviewed me twice, once about my writing, mostly, and the second about my music, mostly. Not sure how long these blogs will be up, as both are at best in hiatus, or worst… done.



Sarah Butland’s a children’s author who used to be local and is now just almost local. Her spotlights often range far afield…


Be careful not to read all these at the same time, as something strange and terrible may be revealed.