Seeking an Editor?

From substantive edits of 200,000-word novels to everything in between: I’ve edited newsletters, press releases, short fiction by newbies, novellas by professionals, and even legal documents. Very competitive rates and longer projects are negotiable.  Read below, or visit my editing website.

Q: What is substantive editing?
A:  In short, it’s an in-depth critique with suggested structural and thematic editing that must be done before a manuscript is submitted to a publisher. It’s a deep reading with the editor and writer working as a team to improve the manuscript.

Q: What is copyediting?
A:  Copyediting is a little less drastic than substantive editing, and a little more bookish.  It’s making sure there’s consistency in the text, line by line; it’s fact-checking, error-eliminating work.

Q: What is manuscript evaluation?
A:  This is what it seems to be: a read through with comments, suggestions, a summing up of the work and how the writer has arrived there (or hasn’t yet arrived there).


I was editor of NB Ink, the newsletter of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick, for over ten years. I am editor of the literary journal Galleon and have worked with dozens of authors on individual projects, both fiction and non fiction (and a few poetry manuscripts).References are available upon request.


Costs vary based on the amount of work (hours) a manuscript may need.  Generally,  a first edit of a 70,000-90,000 word novel will fall between $1500 – $2000. I do a sample section, estimate the time required, and give a quote. Manuscript evaluation, on the other hand, will be $400-$500 for a similar-sized project. On shorter projects I charge $50 per hour.

Contact leedthompson (at)

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