Riddle Fence 16

issue16 Today in Newfoundland just outside of St. John’s they are having a fabulous launch of Riddle Fence issues 15 & 16. I’m sure it’s fabulous, though maybe it’s fantastic. I have a story in 16, “The Spirit of Bill Will Forever Reside at Barney Springs,” one of those stories that began with a first line, a first that rolled out of my brain during conversation on a drive down a dark country road: “On my first full day at beautiful Barney Springs, my one on one poetry instructor, the sole reason I had come to Barney Springs, was dragged off and partly devoured by a Grizzly Bear.”  I sat on the idea for a year, perhaps. They would have to eulogize Bill, but none of them know Bill. A male, a female, an odd situation, some animals… Yup, definitely one of my stories.

It’s my third story in Riddle Fence.  I love those guys.  They pay handsomely as well.  And it’s too bad I can’t be there; my good friend Kerry-Lee Powell has poetry in issue 15.  It could have been a fine road (rowed) trip.


I may have done this before…

Yes, I may have started a writerly blog before, but I can’t for the life of me find it.  I suspect it’s just like this one, mostly empty, with a message saying I may have done this before…

But I have a book coming out, an e-book, and so it’s time to get bloggy once again, if it is again, because it may very well be the first time.  The e-book is a long story, really, non-fiction even, or mostly non-fiction, creatively so.

It’s called “Diary of a Fluky Kid”.  When I first told someone that title they said, Oh, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but I really wasn’t consciously thinking that.

Anyway, I’m going to check the mailbox downstairs.  I haven’t done that yet today.