Lee D. Thompson

Born and ralee thompson 2017ised in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Lee D. Thompson has had fiction published in five anthologies (such as Random House’s Victory Meat, New Fiction from Atlantic Canada and Vagrant Press’s The Vagrant Revue of New Fiction), and in more than a dozen literary journals across Canada and the US. Lee’s first novel, S. a novel in [xxx] dreams, was published in 2007 by  Broken Jaw Press.  A chapbook, a long story mouth human must die, appeared with Frog Hollow Press in 2016, and the novel Apastoral: A Mistopia was published by Corona\Samizdat Press in summer 2022.

Lee has twice been awarded Emerging Artist grants twice from Artsnb, had received three Creation Grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and two mid-career grants from Artsnb, as well as a Banff Writing Studio residency in 2014. Lee has been active in the New Brunswick literary scene for twenty years, serving on the programming committee for the Frye Festival and as the organiser of the long-running Attic Owl Reading Series from 2009 – 2017. In 2007, with the desire to publish new and exciting storytellers, Lee started Galleon, a journal of literary fiction.  The journal, after a long hiatus, returned but has since morphed in Galleon Publishing.

From 2009 – 2014 Lee was executive director of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick and from 2012-14 he was Atlantic Rep for TWUC.

In addition to writing fiction, Lee is a guitarist and songwriter whose music, under the name Pipher, has been published by Dog Eared Records and Naked Noises.  His 2012 album “Till Light” was nominated for three Music NB awards.

For money, and the joy of teaching, Lee edits.

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