Banff, Two

At Banff I’ve been going over my sheep novel with Tamas Dobozy and this has been fruitful. The goal is to retain the spirit but to transfer the soul. Actually, the goal is to make it a little more reader friendly. Meanwhile, it is raining in the pines and snow is on the way (falling on cedars, right?).

Banff as seen from on high.

Banff from Tunnel Mountain.

On fresh rejection

This is just slipped in. I didn’t wring my hands before opening the email, didn’t hyperventilate, pace, pray or call a friend. I clicked it like it was no news at all.

Dear Lee Thompson,

 Many thanks for your submission of One for the Master. I enjoyed reading your manuscript for its mix of smart and crude humour, and for it attention to stylistic consistency. It has much going for it, especially in its controlled voicing, its verbal energy and its bodily preoccupations. However, there are always a lot of considerations at play in our decision-making, and we have determined that we cannot use it at this time.

That’s press number two. Number three may wait until I look at the manuscript again, which I’ll likely do while in Banff this spring. It’s a good book, timely, and someone will take it and never regret that they did.