What’s fierce, short and downloadable?

20726769Thought I meant ‘me’ until you saw the download part, didn’t you? Today sees the publication of my e-book/story “Diary of a Fluky Kid.” When I was approached by Fierce Ink’s Colleen McKie about writing one of these (this is the 18th Fierce Short they’ve released) I didn’t have to think too hard, since I’d already been considering a story for them. The real challenge was to produce something not just readable, but good during a hectic time (xmas, snowstorms, trying to earn a living freelancing). Thanks to my writer friends for the feedback (Beth Janzen, Kerry-Lee Powell, Jeff Bursey, Elizabeth Blanchard, Andre Touchburn) and to Colleen and Kimberly Walsh at Fierce Ink.

For more on the story, what it’s all about and of course to download it, see this link:


Which one, which way?

Here are some cover options (early mock-ups) for the e-book/story with Fierce Ink press. The boy in the yellow cap is me.  Which one do you like best? I was sent six, but three didn’t do it for me. These are the three that do, sort of. The one of me isn’t as great a photo, but it’s… me. And that means something, but perhaps only to me…

Image Image Image