The early word gets the berm

20726769Fluky kid at bat for the win, pollsters. See here:

I like the encapsulation:

From a young age Lee D. Thompson lived and breathed baseball even if he didn’t take to the sport at first. Trouble was, as a bookish kid and a daydreamer, he was never really great at it. Thompson played in little league where he lived too much in his head to do much of anything but strike out.

Eventually he and his childhood friends started playing their own versions of the great game in backyards and basements, away from the pressures of organized sports. With no other teams to play against, winning became less important than the bonding between his friends and their fathers. When his own dad passes away suddenly at Christmas one year Thompson becomes acutely aware of these ties.

Diary of a Fluky Kid paints a coming of age story in nine innings along with poignant and humorous short stories from Thompson’s childhood.

E – Everyone over ten: Content is suitable for everyone but may contain mild violence and language and minimal suggestive themes

Pre-orders can be placed here:

Official release is February 11.  I will be enkindled.

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