Where thanks is due

I’ve been home for three weeks now, editing work that I was contracted to do before leaving for Banff and St. John’s. One must pay the bills and sometimes the work is fascinating, as is the editing process. It does turn a sharper eye toward my own work as well.  While in St. John’s, realizing (read worrying) that I was heading home with hardly a cent to my name, I received good news: the provincial arts board had, after all, awarded me a grant for Banff. Why? Unused funds and the fact that the grant had been recommended by the jury the first time through.

So. Great news. Not sure how I would have taken the news, however, had I cancelled Banff. I would have declined the grant, of course. But as it is, after having spent two weeks  raising funds through Indiegogo, and being unable to work for the five weeks between Banff and St. John’s, I was broke, and it saved my bacon.

Over 40 people funded my trip to Banff, funds that not only covered immediate expenses in Banff, but left my lights on and rent paid back home. Thank you. That was humbling.

And thank you artsnb.

3 thoughts on “Where thanks is due

  1. You are always extremely gracious, even when you’ve been treated unfairly. Artsnb should have funded you in the beginning, as you were recommended for funds to start with. But, in this case, they finally came through after putting you through a bit of hell over the money. Shame on them. And, I’m glad too that in the end, it has worked out.


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